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Sunset across the old town and city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Origins of the Quarantine

The Quarantine began in medieval times when Ragusa (Dubrovnik) started isolating people in the Lazareti. Initially a Trentine, it eventually became the Quarantena via Venice.
Wild horse crossing the stunning breadth of Monument Valley at sunrise.

Back in My Day

A road trip from San Jose to Monument Valley, Four Corners, and back.  We had driven through this exact itinerary back in 2005, but things have changed considerably since then. After the first few quips, Annoying and Grumpy Dad was…

Matsumoto, or the Crow Castle, on a bitter cold December morning with the Japanese Alps in the backdrop.

5:00 am Walks

I am not a morning person. The early bird can take as many worms as it would like, and I wouldn’t care. Which is why, this blog title is special. There has to be something special about the location or…

Early morning light filtering through the portico columns in Bologna

Porticoes of Bologna

It gets very hot and muggy in Bologna. The Bolognese covered their walkways for miles on end in endless porticoes to solve for this problem. These porticoes are now a UNESCO contender.