Matsumoto, or the Crow Castle, on a bitter cold December morning with the Japanese Alps in the backdrop.

5:00 am Walks

I am not a morning person. The early bird can take as many worms as it would like, and I wouldn’t care. Which is why, this blog title is special. There has to be something special about the location or…

Bratislava Castle, all snowed in

42-hours in: Bratislava

Slovakia wasn’t really on our mind as we were planning our drive through the countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. But the ring to the sound of the capital, Bratislava, had always fascinated us.
Christmas Market in the old town center of Prague

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

As we gear up for the benevolent Santa to mine his database of kids’ privacies to deliver ads, umm, gifts to the kids, it is hard to imagine that there are others data miners who are vying for the same…

A smattering of photographers on a cold wintry morning on Charles Bridge in Prague

A Day on Prague’s Charles Bridge

In the list of iconic places to photograph across Europe, the Charles Bridge in Prague clearly ranks in the Top 10. And justifiably so, since it is a sight that one cannot forget, with its statues of saints rising impressively…