Matsumoto, or the Crow Castle, on a bitter cold December morning with the Japanese Alps in the backdrop.

5:00 am Walks

I am not a morning person. The early bird can take as many worms as it would like, and I wouldn’t care. Which is why, this blog title is special. There has to be something special about the location or…

Hassan II Mosque, as seen across the white town of Casablanca, in Morocco.

Eid in Morocco

We had doubts around visiting Morocco in the middle of Ramadan, but our experience turned out flawless and unique, especially witnessing Eid on the last day of our stay.
The Chouara Tannery in Fez, Morocco

Gas Masks in Fez

The Chouara Tannery in Fez, Morocco, has operated in the same manual, painstaking way for centuries. A mint leaf branch is a must for visiting the place.

Game of Thrones (GoT) Filming Locations

It was early summer, and we were still getting boiled by the scorching sun above and the reflections from glistening medieval stone below. There were hordes of tourist groups all around us – most of them would drop in droves…

Horse-carriage and a smoky food-filled Jemaa el-Fna on a Ramadan night

An Itinerary for Morocco

Over 10 days in the Summer of 2018, we took a much-awaited fabulous trip through Morocco. The final itinerary placed us in 5 main cities – Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakech and Ouarzazate – with a few more sights and brief…