One specific historical or cultural geo-location that left an everlasting impression upon us. Don’t miss these coordinates.

Kids having fun, Taj Mahal view be damned

Guerilla Photography

[27.177460, 78.043080] Its not obvious, and illegal, to get to the Yamuna waterfront for cool reflections of the Taj Mahal in Agra, though a quick sneak can get you the shots you need from Mehtab Bagh, if you are careful.
Bokod Houseboats, about an hour west of Budapest in Hungary

Bokod Houseboats

[47.498978, 18.283446] The Bokod lake is an outlet for the nearby thermal power plant, and never freezes, even when the mighty Danube that runs only a few miles from this location, freezes over during the harsh Hungarian winter.

Introducing Photolocation

Sometimes, there isn’t a story behind it. No anxious situation. No lessons learned. No interesting observations. No extraordinary conversations. But you did end up there because someone, somewhere recommended the location. Either a friend, the social net, or you chanced…