Other-wordly sunset across the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, seen from Church of our Lady of Remedy

Right Place, Right Time: The Weather

We walk thorugh photography examples of being at the right place at the right time, when it comes to weather. Photographs that get elevated because of really inclement weather.
Bokod Houseboats, about an hour west of Budapest in Hungary

Bokod Houseboats

[47.498978, 18.283446] The Bokod lake is an outlet for the nearby thermal power plant, and never freezes, even when the mighty Danube that runs only a few miles from this location, freezes over during the harsh Hungarian winter.
Christmas Market in the old town center of Prague

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

As we gear up for the benevolent Santa to mine his database of kids’ privacies to deliver ads, umm, gifts to the kids, it is hard to imagine that there are others data miners who are vying for the same…

Old computer monitors on the walls of the ruin pub, Szimpla Kert, Budapest

Eastern European Bar Scene (Budapest, Hungary)

Imagine yourself in an alternate edgy futuristic society in the year 2050. A Blade Runner – Altered Carbon – 5th Element mash up for your cityscape.   Imagine, getting off work at 6pm one cold, dark, winter evening, hopping on…