Un-earthly sunset, before midnight, somewhere in Eastern Iceland.

But we love our lives more: The Solitude of North Iceland

Northern Iceland is as remote as it gets. Tree-less wind-swept lava-colored landscapes. Mud-scaped roads to reach a town where Puffins camped out. The brown-blue-green palettes of old volcanic craters. The simultaneous solitude and ear-shattering thunder of massive waterfalls such as Godafoss and Dettifoss. The sulphur-tinged turquoise lakes around Myvatn. And barely any humans.
A lone SUV driving across the dusty road late at night on a sunny summer day in Iceland

The Gerua Crowd : Bollywood takes over Iceland

It has been said that Bollywood has done more for world wide tourism than any tourist magazine. Needless to say, this was a widely held view by the 2+ Billion Earthlings that can’t escape Bollywood, and also a view held…

Sparkling midnight sun and empty road to nowhere, Iceland

The White Walkers: South Central Iceland

When news outlets talk about Iceland being overrun by tourists, they are talking about South Central Iceland. The Wow Air travelers, and the Iceland Air 3 day stopovers. The Blue Lagoon enthusiasts, and the Continental Rift explorers.
Solo rides, the de facto way of traveling through North Iceland

Iceland: First Impressions

Iceland is a different planet. There are parts of Iceland that have served as various other countries on Planet Earth in a multitude of Hollywood movies. There are parts that were filmed as layers below the Earth's surface. There are still other parts that have served as entirely new planets.