Just before the light are switched off at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and the movie begins

Summer Films in Bologna

Bologna hosts one of the largest summer film festivals in the world with shows at 10s of locations in the city, including the 15th century Piazza Maggiore.
Mont Blanc on a moonlit night

The Mont Blanc Experience

Chamonix is a charming little town sitting in the shadow of Mont Blanc and the Bossons Glacier - a welcome respite from the madness of crossing Mont Blanc.
Solo rides, the de facto way of traveling through North Iceland

Iceland: First Impressions

Iceland is a different planet. There are parts of Iceland that have served as various other countries on Planet Earth in a multitude of Hollywood movies. There are parts that were filmed as layers below the Earth's surface. There are still other parts that have served as entirely new planets.
Midnight sun piercing through the tall crevices of Fjallsárlón in southern Iceland

An Itinerary for Iceland

Iceland is a different planet. The whole country can be considered as a large National Park. Or many. If you have lost faith in landscapes or nature, just buy a ticket to Iceland. When  We visited Iceland in the middle of…

Barbed wire along the bluff tops at the Normandy coast, looking towards Omaha Beach

75th Anniversary of D-Day

This June 6th marked the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Two of the most difficult operations carried out on June 6th 1944 were the takeover of Pointe du Hoc and the landing of the first troops at Omaha Beach.…