Introducing Photolocation

Sometimes, there isn’t a story behind it.

No anxious situation. No lessons learned. No interesting observations. No extraordinary conversations.

But you did end up there because someone, somewhere recommended the location. Either a friend, the social net, or you chanced upon it while doing background reading about your destination.

And by that very definition, the location is presumably unique. Grand or intimate or historical, but definitely worth a visit. It is guaranteed that there would be emotions attached to what you are witnessing.

And you would like to return the favor. Send your friends and readers that way. Let everyone experience what you have.

Introducing Photolocation: A simple blog series where we discuss one specific geo-location that left an everlasting impression upon us. What made us go there? Is there a unique backstory behind the place? How would you get there? How much time should you carve out for it? And the exact coordinates that would give you the best view of the place.

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