Waiting for Customers

Over the past few years, as we have been visiting various towns and cities around the world, it has become a personal project for me to capture The Wait – the patience, frustration or joy with which various vendors wait for their customers. Unsurprisingly, it is difficult to capture such moments in Big-Mall America, but all over Europe and Asia, the vendors are out there, braving the elements and the intense swarm of potential customers to finally be able to catch a break.

Here are some of my favorites.

A Gondolier waiting patiently for a ride in the heat of a July sun.


Two fish sellers chatting away about the political situation in Bengal with a passerby at a fish market in Calcutta, India.


An oarsman pensively staring out into the calming waters of the Hooghly river from his boat, which hasn’t changed an iota in design (and probably make) since the late 1800s, in Calcutta, India.


Curious if we wanted a horse-carriage ride, near the Seville Cathedral where Christopher Columbus is buried, in Spain.