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We took a quick trip down to New York City with the kids over the Memorial Day weekend. This was their first visit to NYC and they were enamored by the place – to the extent that both of them decided to blog about the trip on their own without any bribes or threats from our end.

So today, we have a guest blogger – Viraj – our six year old. Since speed typing isn’t really his thing, he read this out to us while we gladly typed. There are a few factual, geographical, chronological and grammatical issues, but this is what NYC FELT like to a 6 year old kid.


I went to New York during my Memorial Day weekend. When we reached our hotel W, the hotel was overbooked so we had to go to another W. I felt happy because I could stay and see two W’s!

The first thing that I did in NY the next day was I went to Times Square at night time and took a lot of pictures. I felt almost blind in Times Square because it was so bright. There was a billboard that had a camera that takes pictures of the crowd standing below. The billboards were not just normal billboards; they actually had a screen or TV.

We saw a Broadway show called Matilda. It was about two hours long and it showed a story about a girl called Matilda. She had magical powers and was very smart. In the show there was a boy who ate lots of cake that belonged to the principal. There was a loud burp that lasted about 10 seconds.

Then we took the New York’s subway to go to the Statue of Liberty. This was the first time I ever sat on a Subway. The subway was really fast but slower than the bullet train. It was slower because the bullet train goes very far. The seats on the subway had no seat belts and there were metal poles that you had to hold if there were no seats left to sit.

When we finally got to the cruise to the Statue of Liberty we were about to miss the 2:00 cruise but we ran and made it. The ticket line was tremendously long and it was very hot so we had to stay in the hotness for very long. Finally we made to the cruise. The cruise started and it didn’t take long to get to the stature of Liberty. The cruise was very shaky. Then I saw the statue of Liberty – part of her hand was not green, it was bronze. She was really huge and it would take about two million Legos to build her.

After this we saw the World Trade center. The WTC is second tallest building in the world. It has 102 stories. It looked short from close and tall from far. It had right side up and up-side down triangles all over the outside.

Next day I took a subway but it was the wrong subway so we had to take another subway to go to the American History Museum. We began seeing a short movie Dark Matter in Space in the planetarium. I learned there is less dark matter than dark energy in space. And normal matter is just 5% of the entire space. After this we saw the awesome T-Rex fossils. The T-Rex didn’t look that big because it had no skin and muscle otherwise it would have been really big. I saw the first natural and real and not broken T-Rex fossil ever. I felt very excited to see this fossil. There were many more fossils and we saw all of them. I saw a million year old turtle that was as big as a small car! After a while I started getting bored with fossils and we then we went to the gift shop.


The next day again we went to the Air and Space Museum in a taxi and not in a subway because we thought we will get stuck again. The ticket line was even longer and the day was even hotter than the cruise day. I was sweating a lot. Finally we made it to the shaded place where you buy the tickets. The first thing we saw was a Navy submarine. The submarine had a place to carry missiles and torpedoes. I saw a real torpedo; it was huge and saw its fan that makes it go far in the water. I saw lots of bunker beds and the captain’s private bed. Then we left the submarine and went to see the first Space shuttle in the world. It was called the Enterprise. It was not big it was HUGE! NASA built the shuttle. Then I was tired and I wanted to go to the gift shop and go back to the W hotel but my Mom wanted to see more and wanted to take more pictures but I forced her to go to the gift shop.

After this museum I went to my Dad’s office. We ate yummy ice cream because we were feeling very hot. Then we went to my Dad’s office and it had a big Lego area where you could build lots of big Legos. I made this big piece of junk and displayed it on their shelf. I took some chewing gum and candy and left back for W.

On Wednesday I had to wake up at 2:00 a.m. San Jose time to get ready to fly back to San Francisco. We took a taxi to go to the airport and we flew back.

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