Top 5 Photography Websites

  1. Flickr: One of my favorite websites to scout out the kind of photographs, photo ops and locations for good views, before I embark on any trip. The #2 on this list, 500px, has comparable, if not better, photographs, but the search functionality of Flickr seems to generate much more relevant results.
  2. 500px: Very good quality photographs, displayed very well. If the search functions of this site were a tad bit better, this would tie with Flickr or be the #1 on my list.
  3. National Geographic Photography: The best photographers on the planet. Just looking at what they capture and how will teach you a whole lot about photography.
  4. Photographers I like: Ok, I am cheating with this one and merging quite a few into one bullet. Some of my favorite photographers – some of whose work I try to emulate once in a while – are: David DuChemin, Elia Loccardi, and Mitchell Kanashkevich.  And then, whatever I know about Adobe Lightroom, I know via Matt Kloskowski.
  5. Google Image Search: Obvious, but this is by far the best way to figure out what the place looks like in regular light – they won’t be as luscious as what 500px or Flickr show them to be, and that’s quite ok, because I want to get a feel for what the place really looks like. Let me add Google Street View to this list as well – nothing better to prep for a location than to take a virtual tour with Street View.