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Vijoy and Rachna are a traveling and photographing couple from San Jose, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a family of four and have two very bright kids – a girl Anika, and a boy Viraj. Like you, we love to travel with kids, and learn how to see, observe and experience every destination as a family – its landscapes, people, histories and cultures – via the medium of photography.



Vijoy was born and brought up in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India; a throbbing, bustling human sea, probably defining the phrase cosmopolitan metropolis better than any other city in the world. It was the erstwhile capital of the British Raj, and boasts of Victorian architecture intermingled with the depleting abundance of the Babu class. A casual glance at his home country of India would impress any traveller, but traveling across the country with his parents starting very young, and keenly observing the history and people first-hand brought a deep understanding of the myriad cultures that tightly form the nation. This is where the interest in travel, writing and photography was born. Vijoy works for a global tech company in the Bay Area, but uses travel writing and photography as an escape from it.


Rachna has been a globetrotter right from birth – traveling with her family since she was a 3 year old and staying for years at a time in a multitude of countries and cultures, ranging from Zambia, Malta, Dominica, the US, and India, which has given her an all-encompassing and critical view of the world around us. She is also a computer scientist, but has always been interested in the fine arts. Rachna loves to write about her travel and cultural experiences, and creates beautiful charcoal sketches.


A fast growing pre-teen, whose interests oscillate wildly between art and music on one hand to the latest smartphone and apps on the other. But more often than not, Anika always migrates towards picking up a nice book and retreating into her dream world.


The youngest of the lot, and hence the most spoilt. Highly curious, very rambunctious, and completely adorable, Viraj is very much into anything hands on – whether it be science or building a labyrinth in Minecraft.

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