Climbing the steps up Kotor fort with a view of Kotor Bay sprawling below us, Montenegro.

A Case for Uber (or Lyft)

It was 4:00 pm in New York on a muggy August Friday afternoon in 2014. I had a flight to catch later that evening from JFK back to San Francisco after spending a week at our NYC offices. I was standing in front of Chelsea Market amidst a sea of yellow cabs in Brownian motion […]

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Boy and pigeons against the backdrop of Sebilj, Baščaršija, Sarajevo

Sarajevo Rose

It was 1993. Our dorm in India had just installed a 10 foot satellite dish to catch the US cable channels and it was welcome change from the 1.5 channels of State run Doordarshan and it’s melancholia. CNN had just become the most popular channel to turn on 24×7 because of it’s coverage of the Persian […]

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Sunset across the old town and city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia

An Austro-Hungarian State of Mind

Our experience with Ottoman (Turkish) flags in Bosnia left us a little curious about the leanings of the people of Croatia and other Yugoslav states. Were people happier in modern day states? Did they prefer the erstwhile state of Yugoslavia? Or, like their Bosnian counterparts, did they prefer an entirely different era? We had a […]

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Sign of "Don't Forget", a carpet and souvenir vendor in Mostar

An Ottoman State of Mind

The tourist season had not begun yet in Mostar, and there were a sprinkling of mostly eastern European tourists getting a head start on their vacation. As we were wandering around the Kriva Cuprija, or the crooked bridge – that looks like a replica of Stari Most but did survive the bombings of the Yugoslav […]

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A triple arch in the medieval city of Trogir, Croatia

A Day in Trogir, Croatia

Trogir, about an hour north of Split in Croatia, is a quintessential medieval town sitting on a small island in the Adriatic Sea. Connected by short bridges from the mainland, it almost feels as if Trogir sits on the banks of a large river, and not as an island. Trogir can be visited leisurely in […]

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Town of Perast along the Bay of Kotor, at dusk

Marketing in Paradise

What do you sell when you are already in Paradise? As we crossed over the dry high plateau that covered most of the Republic of Srpska into Montenegro, all we encountered was an hour long wait, with none of the smart talk that we had experienced while entering Bosnia, even though our own President had […]

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The Ottoman Old Bridge (or Star Most) across the Neretva River in Mostar

Welcome to Bosnia, Mr. Trump

We left the hip town of Split quite early in the morning, and hurriedly drove to the Croatia-Bosnia border. I wanted to cross the border, drive through the town of Pocitelj and reach Mostar well before sundown. It was as if I was planning to enter the battle-ridden town of Mosul instead of the gem […]

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Blue hour and sunset around the town of Rovinj in the Istrian peninsula of Croatia

Rovinj to Goa

Our last evening in Istria was spent wandering around the artistic and beautiful streets of Rovinj, slowly making our way up the narrow alleys to the top where the Church of St. Euphemia stood with its imposing bell tower modeled after St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. It was early July but even at 6.30 pm, […]

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