Swans, near the Kafka museum along the banks of the Vltava, with the Charles Bridge in the backdrop, Prague, Czech

An Ode to the Fuji X-T20

Well, this is not an ode exactly – my lyrical leanings aren’t anything to write about. But I felt like waxing poetic nonetheless about the newest acquisition in the Rowdy Planet camera gear arsenal. A few months ago, we purchased the sepctacular Fuji X-T20 – the younger sibling of the better known Fuji X-T2. In […]

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De Adriaan Windmill in the town of Haarlem in the Netherlands (Holland) at dusk.

Camera cost and Sensor performance (or, which camera should you buy)

So, how much should you pay for your camera? And the related question of, which camera should you get? Is this new camera worth the upgrade? Where does the “bang for the buck” equation stop making sense? These questions have plagued many a photographer for eons, and doesn’t leave anyone immune – novices and professionals have all […]

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A triple arch in the medieval city of Trogir, Croatia

A Day in Trogir, Croatia

Trogir, about an hour north of Split in Croatia, is a quintessential medieval town sitting on a small island in the Adriatic Sea. Connected by short bridges from the mainland, it almost feels as if Trogir sits on the banks of a large river, and not as an island. Trogir can be visited leisurely in […]

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Diamond ring just when Totality ended. Time to put glasses pack on.

A diamond is for a Moment

A few years ago, we drove 4 hours to Chico, California, to witness our first (technically, second, but I was too young to remember the first one) solar eclipse. That was an annular – where the Moon does align completely with the Sun, but it is a little closer to the Earth, resulting in a […]

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Blue hour and sunset around the town of Rovinj in the Istrian peninsula of Croatia

Rovinj to Goa

Our last evening in Istria was spent wandering around the artistic and beautiful streets of Rovinj, slowly making our way up the narrow alleys to the top where the Church of St. Euphemia stood with its imposing bell tower modeled after St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. It was early July but even at 6.30 pm, […]

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Temple of Poseidon overlooking the Aegean Sea at Sounion (Sounio) against the Milky Way

Even better than the real thing : In the world of image AI

(with apologies to U2) “That’s fake fog.” “That photograph has a fake sky, blended from somewhere else. ” “The skin tones on that portrait are completely plastic. Are we looking at a human face or Barbie?” “The color gradients on this image look so unnatural. ” As we flip through photographs on our Facebook or Instagram feeds, 500px […]

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Slowing Down in Loire Valley

It has been 7 years since we drove through France’s Loire Valley in 2009, a fantasy land of fairy-tale chateaus big and small, ranging from the magnificent Chateau Chambord, the idyllic Azay le Rideau, the decorative Chenonceau, the magnificent gardens of Villandry, the evil queen inspired Sleeping-Beauty Usse, and the Haddock residence of Cheverny. Our younger one was […]

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Quaking Trees

This is probably how these would have turned out if I had a 10 stop ND filter, was shooting at f/22 or higher, and a healthy 15-20 mph gusty wind was shaking the groves up. Or maybe not. But why go through the trouble when a few simple mouse clicks in Photoshop are at your disposal. Selective motion […]

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Paris, France

On our first trip to Paris we took the Metropolitain to Place de la Concorde, and as we stepped out of the station, we found pouring rain and an unsuccessful acrobatic attempt by our feeble umbrella to battle the gusty Parisian wind. This was the first week of October. In my last trip to Paris, as I […]

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Fire falls and Almond Blossoms

Except for the heat of the summer – from mid-June to end of September – a trip to Yosemite takes you through a variety of fascinating moods with an element of delight and awe that never fades. Two weeks ago, with the buzz around a potentially spectacular natural fire fall (the Horsetail falls at sunset), we headed […]

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Orange County, Spain

While walking around in Cordoba, Seville and other small towns and villages, if there was an abundance of one thing it was oranges. Every street, alley, pathway and every courtyard or square had orange trees – hundreds and thousands of them. It was as if no other tree existed in these towns, and there was […]

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