Planet Naboo and Star Wars



Every once in a while when your expectations are least, you get pleasantly surprised. Tour bus trips generate the least expectations from the photography point of view. While I enjoy the friendly banter, historical knick-knacks, and sometimes even crave the mind-numbing drive-me-anywhere carefree nature of these trips, I know deep inside that this is my day off from photography, and have always contemplated leaving the heavy DSLR bag back at the hotel, only to reluctantly carry it just-in-case.

It was our last day in Seville and we took a half-day tour of this gorgeous city to slow the pace down. Having walked through Plaza Espana a few days ago at dusk, I wasn’t expecting to do much when our tour bus stopped at the expansive square on this cold winter morning. But I am glad I didn’t leave my camera bag back at the bus. The weather was crisp and the cold southern sun shone weakly through the Moorish arches of this Mudejar marvel. While the tour guide rambled on about the exquisite details and historical significance of the structure first in Spanish and then in English, I literally ran across the various corners of the surprisingly empty Plaza and captured the interplay of light and shadow till the group walked back to the bus.

A few days ago, I learned another little titbit about this Plaza from Wikipedia. Due its unique architecture and expansive size, Mr. Lucas used it (and other Moorish and Spanish influences) as the location for the Royal Palace Plaza, City of Theed on Planet Naboo in The Phantom Menace, as well as Attack of the Clones. Here is a screen grab from the movie.

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